Coastal calm: a walk at Marselisborg beach

Coastal calm: a walk at Marselisborg beach

Situated on the east coast of Jutland, Aarhus is a great example of a city with natural breathing spaces everywhere you look.
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Soft, damp sand under your boots combined with fresh, salty air, and the sound of waves gushing into the seaweed-filled foreshore is a form of serenity that you rarely find close to a pulsating city centre.

This season’s outerwear is a fusion of functionality and aesthetics, similar to the way Aarhus city and the nature surrounding it, live and breathe in symbiosis with each other. our outerwear pieces protect you from the harsh coastal winds and sub-zero temperatures, and keep you looking on trend, so you’ll never have to choose one quality over the other.

The puffer jacket, one of this year’s biggest trends, is a great example of the unity of nature and city life. The puffer jacket is a recurring trend, designed to keep you warm when the weather is at its most extreme. emerging from ski wear, but now being the epitome of streetwear, puffer jackets encapsulate these two very different ways of spending time in the great outdoors.

When creating this year’s collection, we were inspired by the short-lived, yet beautiful colours of autumn. Warm brown and amber hues have been incorporated in the collection; a colour scheme naturally found in the coastal forests of Aarhus. The everlasting tones of navy blue and olive are as relevant as ever, echoing tones of the deep sea and woodland.

This season, we encourage you to explore your hometown’s natural breathing spaces and be mindful of the nature surrounding you. This may inspire you in ways you haven’t yet thought of.

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